Today is not a race, replied Tucker, still in his undies.  The boys share a vent in the wall that connects their rooms, and from his side I had just thanked Tolliver for cooperating -Tollie, you're nearly dressed!- loud enough for Tuck to hear, hoping it might motivate him to move.

Ready to go, Tollie pulled up the gray hood of his waffle knit top and headed over to Tuck's room.  Da-tuck, me shirt, pink shirt!

Tollie is very interested in colors.  He clutches a red ball, my ball, pink ball.  He climbs into Andy’s black car, daddy car, pink car.  So, I guess, Tollie is very interested in a color.  Just this week though, eating M&Ms at his grandparents' house, he identified blue.  The bag seemed to be mostly full of pink, but Grandpa Rod reported at least one accurate blue.  We talk a bit about colors, but pink is pretty and we're not in any hurry for him to see less of it.

Tuck is very interested in winning.   I win the upstairs race.  I win the toothbrush race.  I win the pee race.  I win the jammie race.  I win the in bed race.  Except when someone else appears to be winning, and then Tuck suddenly seems to care very little, suddenly it's not a race at all.  We talk a bit about winning, and about the way that being kind is even better, planting ideas we hope will become his own inner voice.

I spent most of the day trying to hear his voice though, the one that, when I felt like we needed to hurry, reminded me that we really didn't.  We rarely do.
Today is rarely a race.  
I'll admit, this still kind of feels like a finish line.

Another reminder, about another not-really-a-race-except-for-the science-it-supports:

  • In addition to OSU football tickets, other raffle items include a jersey autographed by Urban Meyer, product baskets from Tastefully Simple and Learning Express, a full session at Wendy's Gymnastics, handmade bags, refurbished antiques, gourmet coffee, dog treats and a money tree.  
  • Split the pot tickets are available now, or the day of, one for $1 or six for $5, presence not required to win.
  • If you're able to participate this year, and would like a shirt, please register ASAP.  The registration process, and the price, is the same for runners and walkers.  There will be a casual "turn-around" spot at the half mile mark for walkers to complete one mile. 
For more information, follow the Battling Batten Facebook page, or contact Sara Zeller at 513-607-9090 or sara.zeller@osumc.edu

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The Wendels said...

Funny I have a 4 year old that also likes to win until she very LOUDLY explains "This is not a race!"