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A total close to $5000 was collected at the Battling Batten 5K last month, and will be shared with BDSRA in memory of Celia.  Thank you, again, to all who participated and contributed.

This holiday season, if you happen to be looking for alternative gifts, please consider a potentially life-saving gift to BDSRA.  Every dollar donated through December 31 will be matched through this year's annual fund campaign.

Another good way to give to BDSRA is to complete virtual transactions via Shop for your Cause.  We selected BDSRA as our beneficiary through SfyC and, for example, 3% of each Amazon purchase is reserved for research.

So much work remains.  Thank you for helping scientists seek a cure, and for looking, with us, toward a more hopeful future.

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rht said...

Wow! Let's hear it for all the people who make Battling Batten a success.