Last week was full to the brim with happy thanks, and this week we're merry-ing up.
Step one: We got a tree.
Stuff I want to remember:
At the nursery there were lots of decorated firs, and lots of angel ornaments.  Tollie pointed to a few and called each one "butterfly guy."  He calls everyone guy, girls and boys and ladies and gentlemen alike.  And the angels had wings sort of like an insect, so it made good sense.
Tolliver also got a new motorcycle toy this week, with a rider whom he refers to as mo-fo-ca guy, really fast.  We're working on that.

Once the tree was secured to the top of the Jeep I said, "Okay, we're all set."  Since then, each time we get in the car and buckle up, Tollie does the round:  Meem all set.  Mom-mom all set?  DaTuck all set?

Tucker wrote another letter to Santa, prompted primarily by a Bill Nye video he watched, this time asking for "an electrical thing what's safe for kids, like for me and my dad to build stuff like electrical circuits with."  This sounds a little more doable than his somewhat confusing earlier request of "a bow and arrow like a fishing rod like a line to hold the hook and you shoot it first."

Tuck's been experimenting with creating his own jokes lately.  His best recent riddle goes: What’s red, and looks like bended cylinders?  Santa's boots!  This seemed remarkble because he's four and his jokes are usually very bad.  Like What do you get when you put monkeys in the vent? Broken glass! bad.
But these boys?  They're so good.  The best gifts ever, really.

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rht said...

Okay, I admit it. I finished reading and had walked away from my computer before I "heard" it -- and I am still laughing out loud.