Cars may be his love language

Tollie wakes up with a choo choo train, eats breakfast with a B2 bomber.  He takes his VW van to Target and pushes around grapes and popcorn with the skids of his helicopter at lunch.  In the tub he plays with a space shuttle, he watches cartoons with a small snow plow and right before nap he chooses the yellow school bus to sleep with.
He chugs and vrooms and beeps, and the sounds that escape his mouth make me think of love.  He tilts his head, stretches out his hand, and I feel like I've been hugged.  He offers a vehicle, his brown eyes full of invitation  - Mom-mom, you like hold meem fire cuck? 
And, of course, I say I do.


McKenna said...

So sweet, my youngest loves cars and trucks too. He's getting so big!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

I think he's ready to drive my 4-wheeler. Ask him if he wants to try it. You did it at age 3 (golf cart, too) but he seems to be more mechanically advanced than you were.

Tolliver, remember Poppy's motto,"Drive fast...and take chances"!