from the phone

birthday boy
airplanes at Don Scott
basketball with Aunt Kate
basketball at zero dark thirty
the morning he said: I don't need to go to school, I'm all done learning.  #itookhimanyway

trains at the CML
nativity circa 1974
holiday amaryllis
zoo lights
oakland nursery

tenderloin remnants #therewerenone
dessert place settings for the win
new counters via jferris9674
#inglisprogrodinner via jnferris

snowmen with Grandpa
Meem taste
post-Poppy's nap
icicle pops

preschool party #tuckhasaheartofgold
fake Christmas aftermath via rht3627
homemade holiday #hardwarestoresgivemeheadaches
retying the tent
no such thing as silent night
christmas dinner for one

 paper planes
cousins make the best friends
switching back to days with coffee, sunshine and tales from Tuck #wemissedhim
book worms 

double-fisting dessert (for dinner) at Aunt Kate's
sweet Mabel in Celie's seat via rameelin
#littlemissgalliacounty #riverrecqueen #2ndrunneruplivestockprincess via cschwaiger
half a rainbow via jferris9674
two Thomases
pheasant soup #onlyonebiteofbirdshot


Emma! said...

The nativity looks even cooler all nestled in the stable! That's seriously the best!

The Wendels said...

For some reason I just can't see Andy as a livestock princess...maybe more of a green egg king?

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

When you do posts like this, it makes me smile...a lot!


rht said...

Love Tuck's heart of gold and silent nights with the whole family. And that picture of the two Thomases makes my heart happy.