happiest days

The acoustics of this season are crisp, the snow crunching underfoot, the wind whistling all around.  
We just spent two see your breath cold days adventuring in Hocking Hills.  When we got to Ash Cave, we immediately heard the reverberation of steady beats.  Following the trail, stopping to investigate icicles and fallen logs, frozen creeks and the way the sun made everything sparkle, we eventually found a Native American drum group.  The boys were fascinated.
The boys, the happiest explorers, the most observant onlookers, splendidly curious little adventurers, are perfect echoes of their father's soul.
We encountered natural wonders like we'd never seen before, and faced the kind of parental decisions that we run into every day.  You know the kind that resonate with the complete responsibility that parenthood brings:  Do we let them climb?  Could the ice above fall, could the ice beneath break?  Are we holding them back?  
Tucker discovered that icicles can make music.  He'd break one off and drag it along the row that remained, notes ranging in pitch the way the icicles ranged in size.  
He saved part of one of his favorite icicles, but it didn't last long.  The best things rarely do.

Speaking of music, have you visited Cardthartic's site recently?  Follow this link to one of their most popular new cards, and browse a bit if you have time.  Their cards are my favorite.  The kind I feel proud to send and happy to receive.


impatient patient said...

you are such an elegant and insightful writer. i enjoy keeping up with your family and think of you and remember your dear celia often. thanks for blogging about the most beautiful and difficult things in life (which are, on occasion, one in the same).

rht said...

Icicle music!
I love the picture of the two boys on their way up... Tucker's already near the top and Tollie, with his cherry cheeks, is mesmerized by something outside the frame.

Poppy John said...

Just curious.

Two days...did you sleep in the cave?
Fun adventure!
Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow!