he won't be four forever

A few weeks ago Tuck was reclining in the bath water, warming up after being outside in the snow.  He sat up suddenly, extending fingers on both hands.  It became clear he'd been giving an idea some good thought when he said, "There are seven places where I like to be the best." And he ticked off the list, "the cabin, the beach house, our house, Poppy’s, RoRo’s, Grandpa Tim’s and Aunt Kate’s."
Some more of his favorites at four:

color: every one of them

breakfast food: Cheerios with cinnamon

fruit: mango

stuffed animal: turtle from Aunt Vicky

power up: punching

toy: LEGOs

thing to do outside: swim at the pool

book: James and the Giant Peach

animal: sting ray

brother: Tollie, except when he's mad, or stinky, or bothering my LEGOs


Christen said...

Nice shirt : )

Diana said...

I'm with Tuck. Every color is my favorite color. I am currently pondering my favorite places.