I remember a time, barely five years ago, when the idea of his smooth gums interrupted by pearly whites was an impossibility.  Even in my wildest imaginations I could not envision a better smile than his spectacular toothless one.
But then two little teeth, tiny cubes of sugar, poked through.
TEB, October 2009

Over the weekend, Tucker lost his first tooth.
It’s image altering, a single tooth gone, the same way it was when that very tooth broke through his gummy infant grin.
But man is he still cute.
The Tooth Fairy left two chocolate coins.  
Because anybody who knows Tucker knows that he'd want to share with his little brother.  
And he did.


rht said...

Oh, Tucker!

Poppy John said...

Wow, Tucker...


When Grandma Sandy knocked one of my my teeth out...I only got a dime.

You are lucky,

Kristy G said...

TO Poppy-

I read a year or so ago that $3-4 was the average per tooth. I guess it makes sense considering $1 cannot buy you much. Have fun with that 5 bucks T!

The Wendels said...

LOVE the receipt! Did you find it online?