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A thin film of dust on the china suggested the absence of regular use, but while I washed dishes I decided to look at it as the triumph of hope over experience.  We don't host many dinner parties, aren't skilled at timing the details, but were excited about the idea of trying.  Last year we were just in charge of drinks.  This year Andy woke up before the sun to smoke a brisket.
At least part of the reason we organized the progressive dinner again this winter is because it meant something to us, gathering neighborhood friends around kitchen counters, around dining tables, around fire places.  But isn't that how the best traditions are born?  You don't do them so that they'll become traditions, you do something because you love it and then you gradually realize that if you don't do it anymore, you'll miss it.
We're definitely doing it again next year.
1.  table set #inglisprogrodinner
2.  meat sword #andysmeat via jferris9674
3.  Mimi Rausch's whiskey sour punch #pinkiesout via jnferris
4.  cheers
5.  centerpiece via jnferris
6.  grateful for grandparents who babysit!

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Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Suggestion... in a couple of years...use T & T as servants...suits and white gloves. (?) That way you could "invite" the grandparents. I'll handle the shot glass tray.