Brain Blast

Most mornings he eats his breakfast, hugs his brother and begins interrogating the world.
Every once in awhile, his queries startle us with their unanswerableness.

For the district science fair, Tuck chose a project using the iPhone microscope from Aunt Sally.  He borrows our phones often and attaches it to magnify bugs he's caught or to examine rocks he finds.
He took close up pictures of everyday objects, things like pepperoni, paper money and his toothbrush, and hoped that people would engage in guessing what the images depicted.  He did a little research to learn how scientists use microscopes, and was able to articulate the way the work of geologists and doctors and police officers benefits from magnification.  Fellow kindergarteners and teachers and even the principal admired his effort and he enjoyed looking at his friends' exhibits.  He left Brain Blast saying the event was way more fun than he expected.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

I believe this makes him a "big shot" (?).


Thanks, Aunt Sally!!!

rht said...

Love all these pictures -- especially the one of Tucker in front of his display, looking sooo dapper. From microscopes to indoor gyms... Aunt Sally finds the best stuff!