roller coasters and zip lines

You may not know what winter is, what snowed in means, unless you have an energetic, ambitious three year old who cannot go to the park every day.  He rushes from one work station to the next (you know, from scribbling on the bills-to-pay pile to jumping over the first stack of folded clothes only to land on and topple the next).  Or unless you have an enthusiastic, inquisitive five year old.  He meanders from one experiment to the next (you know, things like building a "lost toy locator" with ballpoint pens and flashlight parts, leaving a trail of tiny things to be stepped over and, ironically, located in order for the flashlights to actually work again when we need them).

We do our very best to keep both boys active and engaged (you know, when we're not letting them play the iPad or watch another episode of Popular Mechanics).  The K'nex roller coaster filled hours over the course of several days, and the Lego guy zipline continues to lead to a lot of problem solving and improvement strategies.


Christen said...

Is Tucker free to come tutor me on K'Nex and Snap Circuits?! The boy has talent.

Christen said...

PS. You don't have to loan me ALL of your boys clothes - you could save some for them to wear! ; )

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

My Mom and Dad didn't let me "trash" the house very much when I was little.
However, Grandma Weatherholt stayed with me a few days when Mary Jo was born. She allowed me to have tubs and pans of water for boats, a tent made of a sheet over a table and a slanted board down from the couch to race cars. M-O-S-T F-U-N E-V-E-R!
I remember it like it was yesterday.
Two days after Jo was born, I turned three.
Lucky boys to have you as a Mom! Andy, too.

P.S. I put stars on the knees of my jeans, too! Yesterday.

Andy and Jenni said...

Dad, Grandma Eleanor always let me and Kate trash her house?! Also, those star patch pants are my most favorite. And they're getting too small for him. Can he have yours when he gets bigger? xo