These boys really scored in the dad department.

Andy's talents include smoking meat, sharpening knives and selecting the right wine with dinner.  He's also skilled at watering houseplants and unloading the dishwasher, fly-fishing and placing various tubes in various body parts, from what I hear.

But what he is best at happens at home.  Swaddling babies and executing the bedtime routine, reading picture books and racing plastic vehicles.  He is willing to compromise, available to listen, ready to tickle and to play rough and to show up, always.  He makes wooden dinosaurs talk in funny voices and drives trains along tracks with noises to match.  He always has a pocket knife, always has a flashlight, always has a smile.

Today the boys and I salute him for making money so we can pay the bills, buy new shoes and occasionally order delivery pizza.  But even more for patiently letting us help in the kitchen, in the garage, letting us hold tools and gadgets, letting us hold his hand.  For helping us learn the rules for football, teaching us about bones and muscles, taking time to look up and name the stars.

We are lucky to have his adoration, and grateful for his love.

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rht said...

Andy, you are one of the finest people I know! Hope those boys follow in your footsteps.