three is experimentation

What would you think if a bird had a spoiler? It could go faster than a race car!

I accidentally bumped him and apologized: I was okay, Mom. You don’t have to sorry me.

It’s not really called a glitch. You said a bad word. Don’t say glitch. 

After acknowledgment of new skill: My brain taught me that. Isn’t my brain awesome? It’s so amazing!

Fingers tapping face: I was whistling my nose like a flute!

Tuck coming at him with a kung fu sword: I’m unslice-able! 

Will you read Billy Gruffs Goat again?

Deep in side McDonald’s playland, dip-faced and travel weary, talking to a new friend: Her name was Celia but she died. 

Time to tidy the play kitchen: My kitchen gets clean automatically, it does it by itself.

Morning sunlight, mouth chomping open and closed in midair: I’m trying to catch all the dust for ya, but it moves so fast.

Hey, I got an idea.  Let's go to the strawberry pick park tomorrow.

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Kristy G said...

3 is SO FUN... all the words and mannerisms trump the tantrums!