Insta round up

chicken chores #stratfordecologicalcenter
my trio of brown eyed boys
Tolliver via @mkstahl
music on the lawn, books in the street
pretty much a teenager 
salt and vinegar work together to shine a penny just like brothers can work together to do big things
walking for Uncle JD #abta
JD's Braniacs via @mollyholstein  

that one day June called and wanted to play
sidekicks and thumbs up for s'mores
at the strawberry pick park
trying to give up naps is not going well for #littlered
the original #betzboys
playing mama bird
red hair reporting for duty #cosibigmachines
lunch at Lindey's, year thirteen

red, white and block party
red, white and blueberries
book worm
because a soul can only endure so much rain
bison at Battelle Darby
it rained twice in June - once for twenty days and once for nine
when it was not raining, we were at the pool

backyard bluegill fishing via @bflymommy
wack-a-doodle-DONE at Magic Mountain
"boys reading books" water color by RoRo
sister cousins via @mollyholstein
dreamboat, in Aunt Linda's flippers
cousins make the best friends - T2&T3 via @mollyholstein
backyard picnic at Aunt Molly's
Saturday at Scioto Mile

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