Okay Mom, watch this.  Watch!  Watch!  
You saw that?!

He's a real swimmer now, diving down to retrieve objects, kicking his feet to move forward.

I spend pretty much the entire time at the pool watching.  And re-adjusting goggles.

Mom, you know scientists have trouble classifying centipedes?  Also they are venomous, and nocturnal.
Mom, you know the largest hail ever on record was the size of cantaloupe?  It fell in South Dakota.
Mom, you know that a lot of planets have their own moon?  Actually, Jupiter has like sixty of them.

He unleashes a torrent of unsolicited information.  His sharing doesn’t strike me with strong interest, yet does fill me with a sure sense of connection.

I spend pretty much the entire day listening.  And thinking about how quiet the house will be at bedtime.

*Sign up soon for what was formerly known as Celia's Walk:
The Battling Batten Disease 5K Run and Family Fun Walk
Sunday, November 8 at 10am
Scioto Audubon Metro Park

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Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Cool boys!
Makes me remember when you asked me if I knew, "I can swim in water that's 8 feet deep?" Not long after, you pointed out, "Bats navigate using echolocation." What goes around...???

Enjoy the WTH moments,