A Grand Adventure

You have to be out of the sea, really, to know how good it is to be in it. - Boris
One of the boys' favorite picture books is Amos & Boris, the story of a mouse and a whale.  It's a story about friendship, really, particularly the long-distance kind.  And that's what the past week was about for us, too.  We met friends in Grand Cayman, under the guise of an emergency medicine conference.   While the boys may have learned a few things, we mostly did stuff like snorkel and nap.  We swam with stingrays and flipped through magazines, sipped blended drinks and did dinner dishes.  And we laughed so much together.
As grateful as we are to have been afforded time away, we are glad to be home again with our boys.  And glad to have more memories with the kind of friends who have hearts bigger than themselves.  


rht said...

That picture of Andy in the chaise, no doubt contemplating the best way to approach a multiple trauma scenario, might be my favorite ever. But Jenni in the hammock with her book is a close second. Actually -- I just love all the smiles!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Is the topless girl in the background of the one picture with your group? Just curious. If it's you, I hope nobody puts it on the internet!