Wait, so you mean heaven is a like a big city for all the people under the rocks?

Remember when I was sick and my brain told my white blood cells to kill the sick germs?

Fiddling with a pair of sunglasses, batting the earpieces at each other: You know, giraffes fight with their necks like swords. 

The president’s name is Obama, right? That sounds like Oh bottom. 

Tucker: Tollie, you’re a baby.
Tolliver: I am not. Then you’re a kidiot.

Hey mom, do you know how many toes I have if I take away one? Four! See, one, two, three, four!

Studying a “pirate ship” docked downtown, as I try to explain (again) that it's a replica of an old ship: No, I think it’s actually just a regular person’s boat. A regular person what had a dream and found a wishing star and his dream came true and he got a private boat and then he ship-wrecked it right here by us. 

If I eat protein like cheese and meat and if I lift weights then I can have more muscles, right?

Rearranging pillows from ALL over the house in one spot on the floor: I am making a thinking place where I can sit and think about stuff.  

Hey, these camo shorts actually hide my pelvis! 

Mom, can I borrow your phone for a minute? I need to ask Siri for ideas how to scare my brother.

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