life lately, on Instagram

1.  preschool holiday concert - knew all the words, sang not one note
2.  ladies of #inglisprogrodinner via @jferris9674
3.  whiskey punch, pinkies out
4.  progro preggos
5.  silent night, simultaneously beautiful and terrifying #playingwithfire
6.  little John could not be more loved #chesleysdream

7.  project in Poppy's dangerous room - first pocket knife
8.  boning up on human anatomy via @keg256
9.  jump ropes, journals and warm December days
10.  brothering like a boss
11.  books for dinner
12.  the day Ikea just about did us in
13.  one clown shy of a circus
14.  too bad touching things helps them see better #columbusmuseumofart

15.  holiday dinner with friends via @mkstahlohio
16.  family brunch via jen_nack
17.  author event with Gillian Flynn via @mkstahlohio
18.  my first favorite is "friends"
19.  #gillsgirls
20.  nothing beats the grandview cookie jar #johndamon

21.  elementary morning greeter 
22.  four years, four red blooms
23.  past bedtime, but don't dare interrupt
24.  taking the more is more approach to pretend play
25.  below freezing = all the toys out
26.  pretty sure those are T Rex tracks
27.  grant trauma party
28.  remembering her #withfeathers

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