Tollie talks.

I hope these entries can someday serve as his very own version of wrinkled yellow legal pages in a baby book, and that he will enjoy reading them the way we have enjoyed reminiscing, and laughing, over some of the things our parents took time to record when we were young.
Holding up a Lego creation:  I made a new trash can, for ghosts.  It looks just like the ones for ordinary garbage though. 

Last week, going back to preschool after break:  So I have school tomorrow? After that, can we do vacation again? 

Wait Mom, what are those explosions of lights called?   Fireworks?  I know how you make fireworks. You make dark sticks of dots and then when you send them up they turn the sky different colors.

Mad at his brother:  Tucker, shut your mandible. 

Hold on.  Lemme try again.  I lost my eye on the ball. 

Playing with a small plastic toy:  The shark smells some meat.  It’s his leftover person.  He ate some yesterday and now he’s having more dead person.

Have you ever visited a bathroom park, with statues of bottoms and toilets and stuff?

Batten disease means they’re gonna die, right?  Do you think they could eat vegetables and fruit and medicine every day and get better? 

Standing on the scale:  Hey look!  I weigh 40 pounds, with a capital 4! 

Boys have a penis, and girls have tangerines, right? That’s a hard word to say, tangerine.

I’m big enough now to look at a magazine when I poop.  But only boys can do that, right?

Frustrated that he can't quite keep up with his older brother:  Yes I did lose my smart.  I must have.  I feel wrong about everything. 

I need a donut vending machine.  Maybe when the scientists invent a flying car and they find a cure they’ll make one of those too. 


Diana said...

I lost my smart, too. Last Thursday. Tucker needs to invent a smart finder we can share.

rht said...

Hold on. Lemme get this straight. People with tangerines can't read magazines in bathroom parks, right? (Does Tollie know about the ghost poop under your bed?) Gotta go now... someone just rang our dingbell.

Kristy G said...