one month

His delivery was a dream, his tiny, freshly minted soul slipping into this world after most small humans had been put to bed.

I know a new baby is never not a miracle,
I know the way fate can feel as fragile as memory.

It felt a lot like a celebration that night -- a grand, illicit party thrown by the galaxy in the small, sterile room.
I don't want to forget the way space filled with joy, the way his body arrived, precious and replete with promise.

He's been with us for one month now.
For the past four weeks we've been rearranging life around a tiny glimpse of something we know we’ll never get to see again, something we know we’ll always remember.


Lauren said...

I remember your delivery as my favorite one I've been a part of! What a joy it was for me to take care of you both at such a special time! I love following your blog and seeing a glimpse of your life now with your 3 boys and your memories of Celia!

Andy and Jenni said...

Ah, Lauren, I LOVE YOU. Thank you for keeping me alive, especially for that one hour. And thank you for finding us here. You're the best.

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

I remember Lauren that night! She refused to lie about my 7lb, 11oz "contest weight" guess. At the time, I assumed she must be too nice and too loving. However, when I reflect upon her post, I am concerned she may be a stalker (?)
Be careful...keep your doors locked...she may "collect" newborns.


rht said...

This drizzly day was made perfect by Hank's snuggles and scrunchy faces and stretching sounds... by Tucker's stories... by playing with Tollie... and spending quiet time with Jenni.