Totally / To"tollie"

May I always be able to call to mind the years I've spent stepping over miniature monster truck arenas.

Also, I want to close my eyes years from now and see his name, the way he splits it into two parts, because he runs out of room on the first line.

I don't ever want to forget finding die cast airplanes in the drawer where the toothpaste is supposed to go.

I hope to always be able to conjure him -- arms crossed, chin toward chest, eyes screwed into slits -- in what must be the universal preschool yoga pose for Mom, you’re crazy.

I want to remember the way, at four, he seems to possess the persistence of, say, a used car salesman.

The way he sometimes resides in that place between irony and sincerity, how that's really just part of his charm.

The way he's fitted with a radar as keen as a rabbiting spaniel, knows just as soon as I've closed the bathroom door or dialed the phone or cut open a bag of chocolate chips, knows just when I need a hug or a "fancy bowl of soup."


Kristy G said...

He looks like Tucker for the first time to me in your last photo! The age Tollie is at now may have been my favorite age with Logan. Enjoy every moment!


rht said...

I love it when Tollie cooks for me.