Angels and Kings

When we found out Hank would be our third boy, Andy joked that we're king makers.

When Tollie asked to hold Hank recently, I realized that he's known his new brother longer than he knew Celia.

When the lady at the doctors office seemed surprised to hear that he is our fourth, I wondered how much I'd need to say.

When I think about our family, I'm never quite sure whether we're five or six, how to explain that some are here and some are there.

When I try to figure it all out, I feel like my brain is both weary and wired, a strange marriage of contradictory states.

What I do know is this: when Hank arrived, it was almost like she stepped down from heaven and returned a part of herself with him.


Kristy G said...

No title or number needed. Beautiful beings, beautiful family.

rht said...

I wore my Battling Batten shirt to Oakland Park Nursery yesterday... and found myself in conversation with a kind gentleman who had heard of Batten, whose family is way too familiar with Tay Sachs. We shared stories and blessings and a bit of hope with each other. Kings indeed! I love that picture of Tollie and Hank!!!