enough sorrow to make him human

Tuck is witty and clever and quick to laugh.

He loves reading Shel Silverstein.

He was in stitches this evening as he sat on the kitchen floor putting a variety of tupperware on Hank's head.  Their mutual favorite was a large, black takeout container that looked a bit like Lincoln's top hat.

And over the weekend, although he felt guilty and frustrated with himself for forgetting that Hank was asleep, Tucker quickly named the piano song he'd been composing How to Wake a Baby in Three Easy Chords.

He comes home from school nearly every afternoon all smiles, talking about what he learned in art class and how many points he scored in kickball and sharing the new jokes he learns from friends.

He is generally a very happy guy.
He is also very compassionate and sensitive.

He got a little misty at Hank's baptism a few weeks ago, and cried a bit at Celia's Walk.

Over Thanksgiving, as he helped RoRo put together blessing bags, conversation around the kinds of people who might benefit from things like chapstick and gloves and protein bars brought tears, too.

He fought hard not to show much emotion as he unwrapped a stuffed bear made from pink holiday jammies that he immediately recognized as his sister's.  And although I thought the bear looked nice in our room, I did not argue when he asked to keep it in his bed...
Tuck's great aunt Julia shared this quote, and it resonated with me.  I sure hope the rest of Tucker's life leans rich and full of joy.

“My life, despite my numerous missteps, despite the ache of loss, was rich and full of joy. I had enough hope to make me happy and enough sorrow to make me human. I let myself cry, because... tears are the words the heart can’t say.”
Root, Petal, Thorn by Ella Joy Olsen


rht said...

Sweet bear. Sweet boys. Touching and tender and true -- so true.

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

A dash of sorrow...and a ton of Shel...

"Where everyone kisses,
And everyone grins,
And everyone cuddles,
And everyone wins."


Kristy G said...

Lovely quote. #stayhuman

Does Tucker have Runny Babbit by Shel?

Ella Olsen said...


I came across your blog while Googling my own name. We authors do that from time to time to see if our books are being sold illegally, and if I'm honest, maybe just a bit out of vanity. I am the author of the quote in this entry. I was moved to tears reading your words. You probably know, as a blogger, there is nothing more powerful than writing something that may touch another person, or reading a phrase that reflects a similar experience. I'm glad my words meant something to you.

I read about your daughter Celia and the disease that took her life. I'm so very sorry. In my next novel I write about a young mother who loses her son to Canavan Disease which is a disease with a similar outcome to Batten Disease. The story is sad but also a tale of hope as she tries to create a family in the wake of his death. It publishes September 2017 and I'd love to send you a copy if you're interested. The title is Where the Sweet Bird Sings.

I wish the very best to you and your darling family!