Merry Christmas!

A photo and some musings from our house this year...
with warm wishes for a happy holiday, and all our love.
Hank:  thumb sucker / first rate finder of tiny things / professional clapper / skilled at charming ladies, belly laughs and peekaboo / resident greeter, complete with "hi" and big hand waves / grower of teeth 

Tucker:  world class Lego builder / second grade fraction phenom / equally proficient at telling stories and not listening / piano virtuoso / skilled Minecraft creator / Spanish language whiz / world's best sharer

Tolliver: local inquisitor, and also authority on everything / budding artist / best in wrestling weight class / Pokemon pundit / resident critic / expert big brother / reigning Candyland champion

Jenni:  executive egg chef / comprehensive night shift experience / heard on the radio by tens of people every single day / healer of minor injuries / keeper of family stories / accredited laundress

Andy:  endorsed foreman of wooden block structures / certified pancake breakfast specialist / healer, at home and at work, of major injuries / solid supporter of messy hair and yoga pants / chief diaper changer / clinical instructor student favorite  


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Your family has more combined talent than the entire State of West Virginia!
May Christmas Blessings touch all of you,
Poppy John and Grandma Sandy...L2A

rht said...

Merry Christmas to ALL of you multi-talented Betzes! xoxoxo