the juggle, the struggle, the joy

The boys are all asleep, the process of shutting it DOWN concluded.

Sometimes, after the bedtime routine, after just one more book/sip of water/back scratch, we get the chance to sit down.
The boys continue to make things. Mostly very loud music, and also very big messes.
There is evidence of this ringing in my ears and settling around my ankles.

I keep making things, too. Mostly mistakes. And then I compound my errors, the coils of the day tightening, constricting my organs, and I find myself sneaking chocolate coins from the Tooth Fairy’s stash, eating peanut butter straight from the jar.

But sitting down at the end of it, deep breath, it's easy to survey our good fortune.

Parenting is hard.  How lucky we are to experience all of it though, the juggle, the struggle, the joy.


rht said...

Hank at the piano with Tollie... Jenni, it's like looking into your face a few years ago!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Have you considered a "garage sale piano" to place on the back porch? Or better yet...on one of your neighbor's porches! Much more quiet.