dreams, and during

There is always the danger of becoming consumed by a dream as it begins to come true.

I mean, not that I really dreamed about mudrooms.  I dreamed about growing up to takeover Katie Couric's job.  I dreamed about marrying Andy and having babies. And then I dreamed about babies who would be born healthy and live happily.
One of the things we've been able to do in the process of turning what used to be a carport into a closed garage is add an entrance from the garage into the house.  (see part of Andy, standing there in the door frame?)  The new door will lead right into what used to be the master bedroom, but will now serve as a mudroom slash laundry room.  (The new master bedroom will be on the second floor, above the new garage space.)
Recently, Andy took Tolliver in the truck with him to answer a Craigslist ad for an old double basin sink taken from a home economics classroom.  It is white porcelain enamel with a washboard on one side, and I can almost picture myself standing in that room, scrubbing grass stains from pants while I catch the tail end of the boys as they run into the woods to play.

So far, my favorite thing about the new house is who I get to live there with. Well, them and the idea of a room where we can keep their shoes and coats and backpacks...  Still, I'm trying to spend way more time with the people I love than thinking about the house where we'll live.
^carport/garage area before^
old master/new mudroom, below
 ^Andy's face when he found more original hardwood laid in a parquet pattern #bringingitback
 And ^^ the family that moved in before us --
they've hatched, and the builder left one new window out until they're fully fledged


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
It appears Kate, Tolliver and I will be having our November birthday parties in your "new" home!


P.S. You know many birds nest in the same location from year to year...you may want to leave that new window open next Spring. (?)

Kristy G said...

So cool! We may have to do a drive by next time we're in Grandview for hair...