He is full of wonder and opinions and plans.

Downstairs, bright and early, with an ink pen tattoo on his arm: I must’ve sleep drawed on myself.

Regarding a new party favor kazoo, from the backseat: How do you tune this thing?

The best thing about a whoopee cushion is when you make a fart it doesn’t stink! 

Helping in the kitchen, considering things like the pineapple corer and applesauce strainer, etc.: Roro has a lot of fruit tools.

Studying my french braid: Mom, you don’t usually have so many knots in your hair.

In response to Andy picking up a bunch of overtime shifts: Dad is the gone-iest. 

I know how to make an animal umbrella. You just need a snake and a turtle. Lemme draw one for ya. 

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Kristy G said...

Tha best! Seriously 5 is my favorite age. Soak this up JB. Love that little red!