the wrong tree

Did she mean a rescue bear - like it wears a fire helmet and holds a water hose? 
At the zoo, the docent was describing a bear rescued from a poor environment and recuperating in captivity.

Discussing Aunt Kate’s soccer injury - When you got hurt, were you versing the Crew?

What is it we’re going to, a surrendering party?
In the car, on the way to a retirement celebration.

Mom, I forget, what’s Siri’s sister?
Me: ???
You know, the thing Poppy has at his house and you can talk to her.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

When I view your picture and post...it reminds me Tucker's "family tree" has a lot of crooked branches, huh? He's blessed!


Poppy John said...

Dat be Tolliver, huh.