on earth

Tucker won the middle school geography bee today. The questions were so hard. Like, expert level.
Tuck is not an expert, but he is curious about the world.
Last week he'd been reading about the Hyperloop, telling us less about the way it could essentially make Columbus a suburb of Chicago, and more about his concern for birds that might build nests on the pods.
This morning's questions referenced things like Greta Thunberg, Hurricane Mitch, the Seychelles and Nairobi.
The final question - about Triple Divide Peak, the only place in the US where rain and snow melt end up in three places - asked into which oceans the water divided.
It was such a treat to watch Tucker's peers celebrate his success!


Poppy John said...

Good job Tucker!
But, can you find Carmen Sandiego?
How about Carmen Ohio?

I love you kid!

rht said...

Fun to be at the National Geographic GeoBee and watch ten well-prepared fifth graders answer tough questions. Yay for Tucker thinking of the Arctic Ocean -- or was it Nora calling out the answers from the peanut section?? ; >