for feeling

The yard is covered in petals and puddles, the boys are bored and my heart is sore.

Safe in our house, feelings surface like earthworms after a heavy rain - restless and weary and anxious and angry.

Feelings are for feeling I remind us all as we gear up to go out.

Fresh air is essential, even if it means raincoats and muddy clothes. Balls and bike rides and ditch drains and dirt kitchens give us a chance to come at things sideways rather than tackling them head on, the yard our emotional playground.

Outside we become different people with different feelings, clean slates and dirty hands.

We do not have to pretend to be inspired and attentive and grateful and calm, but we can move in that direction, heads up and hearts forward.

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rht said...

Feels like we are all on an emotional roller coaster these days. Your words and photographs are as refreshing as the spring air that has come between Ohio's rainstorms this week.