safety first, and so many words

Hank learned to read last week. And he learned to weave today.
He already knew how to climb trees. And he likes to wear his helmet all day long.
He still talks all day long too.
Working at his craft table: Did you know that pipe cleaners are snippable?! I just cut this one in half.

What’s inside the toaster? Like a factory of fire makers? 

The sun is just too sunny. I wonder where the light switch is that makes it not be drab anymore? Like on a tree at the end of the woods?

May I have more broccoli? But not on that side of my plate, only on the right side of my plate.

Examining a plush turtle from Hawaii: I don't know how people make stuffed aminals? They like kill other animals and then put stuffing in them?

If I cut this cookie in half why isn't it called twooths?

Using walkie talkies with his bothers in the woods: Roger that? Wait, is my name Roger now?! 

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Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Appears as though Hank is able to "weave" a story too!
He is more interesting than Netflix!