Darwin & Calvin

We've been thinking about outdoor cats for quite some time, so our new kittens are not exactly pandemic pets. The opportunity to adopt these abandoned brothers did arise abruptly, and it was fun to surprise the boys. They've lived with us for awhile, but it's taken time to get to know them and to land on names that suit their personalities. We kept a running list of ideas in the garage, and narrowed those down to vote. Although there were a couple write-ins at the last minute, and lots of good contenders - Presto, Pumpkin, Clawde, Carmelito - Calvin and Darwin were clear winners here. The kittens are playful and the boys are learning new responsibilities and we're all enjoying the companionship.

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rht said...

Darwin and Calvin are a couple of lucky felines to land in your family! And I wonder how they will inspire all the young or young-at-heart scientists who are loving them?? (They say Tesla might never have discovered alternating current had it not been for his cat, Macak.)