urban strings

There are plenty of irritations and sorrows and panics these days, but also some small joys.

The boys and I enjoyed an outdoor orchestra concert last weekend. The performers were well-distanced, strictly strings and percussion, all masked. The audience had carefully assigned seating and the weather was glorious. The musicians played Mozart and Miles Davis and Drake, and overall it felt like a masterclass in public events during a pandemic. We have not witnessed music played live for many months, and hearing them in person gave me hope that all of this might end at some point, and that even before it does, we can find ways to lift spirits and feel more connected to the world at large. 

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Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

"SOUNDS" like...
you took your 3 ducklings,
many "MILES",
to listen to daddy "DRAKE",
and appreciate "Mo'ART".

You are the best mom!