sixth grade

I am not sure about the work we're doing, whether it's actually productive. I could learn from him, a million things, but especially what it's like to do nothing and rest afterward.

I watch as he lounges in the hammock and then follows the cats, eventually inviting me to walk. Over leaves as thick as leather we discuss twelve year molars and thank you note etiquette. We catalog, leisurely, things like grievances and gratitudes and a variety of fungus from the nearby woods. He tells me, tonguing the newly empty spot on his gums, about writing code and about the way word order doesn't matter in Latin.

I'm still not quite sure what anthocyanins are, but I do know this: he is sugar and sunshine, a precious gem of a preteen.


rht said...

Anthocyanins are delicious, I think, and I wonder whether/how that word is related to cyan?? Latin roots maybe? Tucker has always been good at wondering and it makes me happy to think about all the good questions he will ask and answer.

Poppy John said...

I guess I get it(?)
When Poppy Mom punched me in the eye last week, it became "anthocyaninic", right?

We love you,
Da Poppys