trick or treat, stand six feet

While this was not a traditional Halloween, the boys did collect plenty of candy and had several opportunities to wear costumes. On Saturday they waved to Great Grandpa Jim on his patio, paraded across the church parking lot for masked on-lookers, and came home to find dozens of orange eggs hidden in the yard, along with a giant pinata, courtesy of the kindest neighbor. Although different, these activities were joyous and helped kids and grown ups dial down the doom that surrounds us.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
This Halloween, our neighbors were so bored, they "egged" their own house.
Looks as though your boys had the most fun our legal system allows!


rht said...

D and all the kids really did dial down the doom, didn't they?!? Thanks for a splendid evening -- complete with dry ice and jack 'o lanterns!