Like a Tuck

takes to water. 
I know, I know.  The last four posts about Tucker have shown him splashing in fountains and puddles and buckets.  But he loves it.  LOVES it with capital letters.  So we love it. 
And isn't there something about summer, about water and sunshine and play, that feels like it must've been invented so we wouldn't go mad thinking about certain things?


Beth Ann said...

No matter your age, water is soothing, calming, and if you take to it like Tucker, FUN!!! Keep em' coming!

Miriam said...

Love it!

Poppy John said...

FOUNTAINS...of youth!


P.S. The ATM that Grandma Sandy uses has added a breathalyser to activate. We'll save a fortune.

Nichole said...

I love the fountains at North Bank...I drive by them every day on my way to work. We have never made it there for a photo shoot but soon, very soon. Pics are great!

Adam and Vicky said...

Water is awesome!!! You can tell he enjoys it!

Friend Family said...

You need to take him to the Bunny Fountains in Ballentrae!

Debi said...

I say whatever interests and passions your child has, run with it and help them to learn and develop in that area.
Glad that you are getting in some fun times.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Joce said...

Wish I could join in the splashing fun!

Christy said...

All of our kiddos love fountains too! They are so much fun, who wouldn't love to play in a cool fountain on a hot day?!