Lovely Weather for Tucks

It's been raining, and I feel brushed with too many dull strokes.
Some combination of fatigue and barometric pressure blend to brew this particular shade of gloom, leaving the afternoon sky, and my mood, gray. I have to be honest, I’m much fonder of the color in the fall, when it’s on a cute tight end in the Shoe.
It’s drizzling now. I can hear it through the windows, and I can feel it on my face. It’s warm though, and it’s not rain.  My cheeks are going to need swimming lessons.
But I wonder whether tears can improve vision.  Because sometimes what I see through wet eyes takes on a bit more beauty than what I saw before.


Beth Ann said...

I have found on more than one occasion that tears help to clear the cloudy, fuzzy spots from my eyes :) Let them fall, it's okay.

The Wendels said...

Sometimes tears help blur the sharpness of reality.