In an effort to bring awareness to Batten Disease
and to encourage support of research that may lead to treatment and, eventually, a cure
and to acknowledge the incredible Nationwide Children's Hospital Hospice team
we invite you to watch Celia's Children's Miracle Network Telethon video (third from the top).
Jenni & Andy


Anonymous said...

What a touching video. It must have been hard to make, but it is great of you to put Celia and your family out there to help raise awareness. I will share this with people that I know - I feel like, *if only* the world knew about this awful disease, how could a cure be far behind??

Thinking of you all,

Debi said...

Thanks for posting this. Celia is truly the shining star. Truly a labor of love to put this together. Praying hope and peace and joy and love over your days.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Audra said...

I've been following your blog for so long now, but have never commented. Thank you for sharing your story and Celia's video. I want your family to know that I pray for you and for Celia daily, and check in everyday to see how she is doing. I enjoy seeing Tucker's new antics, and seeing Celia's beautiful face. She truly is stunning with that creamy skin and glorious red curls. I pray for peace, comfort, and a miracle.