She liberates me from stress over minutia, helps me filter out what's really important.  Outside the perimeter of normal, away from frenetic schedules and competitive agendas, she has encouraged me to create bigger margins for happy to happen.  She's taught me to sort wheat from chaff, to sift tedious and irrelevant from necessary and true.  Her smile reminds me to grab on to the joy and let the rest just slide right through my fingers. 


Beth Ann said...

I know this sounds cheesy, but do you remember the old Ohio slogan, " The Heart of it All"? This post somehow brings that to mind. Celia really is the heart of it all. Let the rest go and get straight to the heart of that sweet girl.

P.S. I bet Poppy John knows WV's slogan and then has some slogan's of his own creation for his great state :)

Miriam said...

That smile would brighten anyone's day :)

Christy said...

Wow! I'm so happy for you that you captured one of those priceless smiles. What a beauty!

Debi said...

Precious photo.
Nothing is more important than spending treasured moments with our children. May each day have peace and hope and much love and joy.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Poppy John said...

Makes me smile!!!


P.S. Hey, Beth Ann, WV ranks so low in all categories that I believe that our state motto is, "THANK GOD FOR MISSISSIPPI."

Joce said...

Smiles are contagious, aren't they!