Anxiously Eagerly Awaiting

Admittedly, we've worried about the ways in which the coming baby will alter our relationship with our treasured firstborn (and yes, with Colby, too). Mingled with that worry though, most often to the point of obscuring it, is joy and certainty that if nothing else, our hearts are prepared for our growing family (although our home and our abilities to multi-task, among other things, may not be ready...).

And, we're reminded of Grandpa Holton's theory that there's always enough wind on the lake for another sailboat.

And, the waiting part is not easy for any of us...



Adam and Vicky said...

Clever . . . I'm assuming part of "Baby Betz #2" was made from Colby's food and the other was made from Celia's snack? :)

Grandma Jan said...

Grandma and Grandpa Holton would be please to see Colby and Celia sharing snacks!

And yes - there is always wind for another sailboat. And lots of family to share the journey with all of you!

Grandma Jan