Tines, please

Celia has only been mildly interested in using a spoon, but she's getting the hang of using a fork. Although she'd probably be quicker using her fingers to pick up black beans, and more successful getting applesauce to her mouth with a spoon, she's interested in the fork, so that's what she uses. She hasn't mastered getting food onto the fork by herself yet, but she's pretty accurate getting food from the fork into her mouth... unless it's Colby's turn for a bite - she can feed him with the fork, too :)


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rht said...

I enjoyed lunch with Celia today -- after fun at the library story hour -- her fork works very well for hot dogs and grapes (aka "jeeps" when her mom and Aunt Molly were little.) Thanks for all these wonderful pictures and stories... I want in on the new "s'mores" tradition!

Love, Grandma Rosie