"To Nurture the Nature of the Child"

Last week, one day when the power was still out, Grandma Rosie took Celia (and me) to Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville. It's a big place, (121 acres) and our goal for the day was to explore the Sister's Garden, a special place for children.

Inniswood was once the 37-acre estate of sisters Grace and Mary Innis, who enjoyed gardening and wildlife observation. The Innis sisters’ desire to preserve and enhance their gardens and woodlands for the enjoyment of all people resulted in the generous donation of their home and property to Metro Parks in 1972. To honor the memory of Grace and Mary Innis, Metro Parks opened the 2.8-acre Sisters’ Garden in 2002. http://www.inniswood.org/Inniswood_about.html

Celia stepped on the Native American legend carved in the paving stones of the Story Maze, and made friends with the owl standing guard over the Secret Garden. She also stopped to inspect the Story Tree (and to clap for the camera):
Although Celia enjoyed Inniswood, she may have enjoyed lunch afterward at Panera even more! She shared toasted blueberry bagel with cream cheese and chicken noodle soup (both warm and especially luxurious having not had power for days) and, in between watching other diners, demanded more bites of Harvest salad... She's pretty easy to please :)


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Kate said...

Brilliant, sis... I can't wait to come home and see her/you all! ps. don't worry that you will have a pseudo-live-in nanny this spring.