We've been busy. Working around the clock. Working till the hands fall off the clock, or the clock melts or something like that. But it's not the long hand or the short one that matter. It's these.

His hands aren't storied yet. They haven't shaped or scrawled or spoken, but they have grasped. And we don't want to let go.



Poppy John said...

No doubt, you've got your hands full with Celia and "Cool Hand Tuck!" Great pics!
By the way, has Tucker started talking yet...can he say, "Muumuu Sandy" or only "Muumuu"? Just curious.

Love to all 4

Christy said...

Aren't their hands adorable when they're that small? I can't believe how easily I forget how small they are when they are newborn. We are home with Cora now and Emma seems like a giant compared with her. I hope Cora holds her pattern of sleeping a lot. ;)