It Came to Pass

The scriptures say “And it came to pass…” I love that.

That phrase is sprinkled liberally throughout the Book. And I believe it. It didn’t come to stay. Most things don’t. I looked forward to the time when I wouldn’t have to get up multiple times at night to feed Celia. I looked forward to sleep. And then it passed and I wished, sometimes, for it to come back, for the chance to nurse her while the rest of the world slept. And I anticipated the terrible twos, knowing they might challenge us, but knowing that stage, too, would pass. But Batten Disease… it’s here to stay. Golly, I bet Batten’s mom was proud of him, identifying a disease and all. I used to tell my fifth graders they were all scientists. I believed it. They did, too. Perhaps someday one of them will identify a disease. Gosh, I’d be proud. Perhaps one of them will discover a cure – even prouder. Perhaps, someday, Batten Disease will come to pass.



Anonymous said...

We can only hope. :)

Kate said...


When you get to one of the many dog-eared pages toward the end of Brothers K, you will find this "prayer" from Everett:

O, Thing that consoles
How clumsily I thank you.

Keep reading, lovey!
Gam zeh ya'avor.

Adam and Vicky said...

I once read an interesting writing on the phrase And it came to pass. And here's a statement from that writing that I often like to reflect on:

"It came to pass so that we may learn something. It came to pass so that we may expand and grow."

Grandma Jan said...

... and we are reminded to enjoy the moments, no matter how wonderful or hard, because they, too, will pass ...

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

You are wise beyond your years...no doubt Solomon would be proud of you.

Love to all 4