Let there be Light

There doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. But that doesn't mean we're in the dark. We just have to find our own light.
Yesterday I got to take a shower (only a few hours after having been spit up on) and use an awesomely refreshing minty flavored soap. And this morning, I saw Celia giving Andy kisses, just like she used to - leaning in with an open mouth and lots of drool. A few days ago a beautiful flowering bush was delivered, a gift from dear friends. Every Wednesday, in March and April, sweet women from book club bring delicious dinners to our home. Yesterday, as I was running errands, a car with two high-schoolish boys inched forward next to me at a stoplight on High Street; they were totally flirting (apparently oblivious to the carseats in the back of my Jeep...) I'll take that as a compliment, an indication that maybe I am still hotdotcom. That'll count as light. Tonight, my sister is making us squash pancakes and cobbler. Tomorrow, too, something lovely will happen, something worth celebrating, something that brightens our outlook.
There must be cracks in the tunnel... because most days we are able to find a few inches of light to stand in. Some days the light is very dim, and other days it's fleeting... but we catch it, and we soak it up. And it feels good.


Photo from Celia's Baptism,10.2007. Celia's middle name, Eleanor, means "light."


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you can find some light. It's hard sometimes...harder still other times. Good for you to find it...and that's always a good thing when teenage boys are flirting with a Mom of 2 in a car with carseats!! :)

Christy said...

I love the way you write! Thanks for reminding me that there is light...I just need to remember to look.

Joyce Donahue said...
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Joyce Donahue said...

You and yours are often my light when I am feeling sorry for myself or fearful. I just have to read your or Andi's words and I learn all over again.........and to think this grace comes from my friends daughter, whom I used to hold as I tried to alleviate her baby alligator tears, oh so many years ago. You give so many HOPE.

Hilary said...

Jenni - Your words are always inspiring. Also, I am jealous you get to have Kate's squash pancakes (i'm still trying to figure out how she convinced me she couldn't cook when i went to visit her). And you are definitely hotdotcom.

The Wendels said...

I think you're one hot mommy, spit up and all!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Do you know that if you Google "waycoolwayhotmom" that serveral links to you pop up?
Just curious.

Love to all 4

nicolem said...

Showers are good.
Drooly kisses are better.
I'm glad you have a reason to thank God every day.