Pillow Talk

I'd like to thank the person who invented sisters. Genius.

And just when I thought my sister couldn't get any better, she became an aunt. Awesome.

In the beginning, she spoiled Celia. And then she moved away, and was a really good aunt from afar, spoiling Celia just the same. And then Celia got sick, and Kate moved back. And she still spoils Celia. She's cool like that.

Aunt Kate with Celia, May 2007
Her onesie (Cel's, not Kate's), says: "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." Kate got it for her, you know, cause it references Dirty Dancing, which is cool, and because she spoils Celia...

Now that Kate's home again, she keeps Cel overnight for us about once a week (on the days she's not grocery shopping for us, or giving Colby a bath, or working her own job). They build a fort, and Sebi joins them. In fact, when Cel wakes up throughout the night, and Kate comforts her, Sebi sneaks a leg out from his own covers (yes, she tucks in her dog) to paw at Kate, a reminder that he needs attention, too. He's a tad bit jealous, but that doesn't deter Kate from being all aunt-like and making Cel her priority. Celia comes first, because... well, you've already caught my point here, so I won't beat it down.

That's Celia wedged in the far corner, Kate, and Sebi all tucked in, just a few nights ago.

If you're going to be up in the middle of the night, Kate's a fun one to be with. I imagine she and Celia share some special times in the wee hours in their little fort.
My sister, Celia's aunt...she's not like the other side of your pillow cool, but even better.



Grandma Jan said...

I find sisters and dogs and forts totally awesome and comforting. Brothers are pretty cool, too, as Celie is discovering.

What a lovely tribute to your awesomely cool sis!

Anonymous said...

She is wonderfully amazing. You are all very lucky to have each other! :)

rht said...

Sooooo glad you and Kate have learned to love each other! ; >

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Celia and Tucker are very blessed to have their Aunt Kate...she is sooo pretty and sooo cool! I've always liked one of my daughters the most...are you able to tell which one? Just curious.

Love to Kate and all 4(and Colby and Sebi...I like one of them the best too...same question).

Christy said...

What a blessing! And how precious is she!?! Celia is a lucky gal!

The Wendels said...

There's nothing like a sister, and I think you have one of the best!

Hilary said...

I like her too. Lots. And i can guarantee she's fun to be up in the middle of the night with. Aunts are cool like that! ;)

Joyce Donahue said...

Still wish Auntie Kate had not lost her infatuation with Chris. The photo of her gazing up at Chris on the swing at the shack (years ago)used to make me feel she was not just friend but real family. I presume she's not just a fabulous sister - aunt; but one day some lucky woman will have her for a awesome daughter-in law.

Aunt Linda said...

She IS cool like that! ^o^