Perfect by Every Measure

Tucker is one month old. One month. It's really just another number. He's gained three pounds, and grown three inches. More numbers. Sometimes we get hung up on numbers and measurements.

It won't matter much to him, to anybody, how much Tucker weighed when he was 1 month old. His size has very little to do with who he is, or the sizable impact he's already had on us. We'll keep track of these measurements, when we remember. Our records won't be meticulous. But we aim to keep track of more, too... to describe him, how he already amazes and inspires us.

He lifts his head, sparsely covered in fine dark hair, supported by such a strong neck. He fixes his eyes, dark blue and gray and brown, they focus and follow. He purses his lips, full and pink, a little like his sister's, his tongue occasionally flicking in and out. He cuddles into the crook of Andy's arm, and rests there almost as soundly as he rests in his carseat. When he's awake, he thinks he needs to eat, hungry to the brink of starvation. He raises his eyebrows and swallows in synchrony. And when he's finished eating, he burps in a manner that sounds as though he's been swigging beer. He might be proud of his booming baby belches someday. It might mean more to him than how much he weighed.

Tucker is, by our accounts, perfect by every measure.



rht said...

Happy 1st month dear Tucker!

Adam and Vicky said...

Can't believe it's been a month since Tucker's arrival! Love how he's peaking over the edge of the scale! Happy 1 month Tucker!

Adam and Vicky said...

And we're sending warm thoughts and love to Celia for 25 months!

Poppy John said...

Tucker gained three pounds in a month? When you put him on the scale, was he wearing a fresh diaper? Just curious.
Happy 7th of the month to;
"Dos Baby" Celia,
"Everett el Cuarto" and
"Numero Uno" Mom Jenni Baby.

Andy, sorry about your birthday...didn't Jan know the plan?

Anonymous said...

One month already! Is that really Tucker in the scale! That is a cool picture..even if it's not him! He's grown a lot too...I hope all is well.

Grandma Jan said...

Tucker has certainly blessed us this month, as he will for many, many to come!

And Poppy John, remind me to tell you "Andy's story" sometime... he likely would have been born early in March if I had been a little more patient in the pregnancy!

The Vehorn Family said...

One month? Already? Time really does fly by as you get older!!

Diana said...

Yeah, Tucker! But listen buddy, I can gain 3 pounds in a month without hardly trying. In fact, I think I've done 10 in a month...but that took concentrated, focused effort. Thankfully, I am known for my tenacity.

Unknown said...

LOVE your blog and many yippees for Tucker. Are you gonna call him Tuck? sooo cute.