Second's Firsts

Sometimes second, and subsequent, children aren't documented as well as the first, may complain of fewer photographs or feel a tiny bit slighted. I don't know from experience, I've just heard these things might be true... (Andy swears no one ever read to him).
We've been careful to capture some of Tucker's firsts this week. Maybe he'll thank us later.

First bath (Perhaps the Pisces in him will show up at some point, but currently he doesn't seem to be a big fan of water):First read aloud (excluding some random news from CNN online Andy tried soothing him with - apparently the economy is just as distressing to Tuck as it is to most of the rest of us):First bottle (supervised by Colby, of course):JEB


Poppy John said...

Second "Picture" First
(Grandma Sandy does't get the heading above.) ???

Don't you think that it's wonderful that Tucker now reads to Andy?
Just curious.

Joyce Donahue said...

So good to see the tiny Tucker.....the bath picture, with Andy's (?)hand, puts into perspective, how tiny he really is. Tucker will probably be almost the size of a lineman, like Datish, by the we get to see him later in the spring.

Thanks for sharing pictures. (I've started the Tucker folder of pictures on my computer, but I named it Celia's Brother.)
And by the way you're so right, Chris always believed in "Second's First". Of course he was almost 6 when Andrea came along to steal his thunder of being an only child. He says she received more of everything.
Love the blog!

Adam and Vicky said...

You can tell you guys love Tucker and Celia "right up to the moon--and back."