People have said they admire our strength. What Mandy (above and below) is doing for our family requires a different kind of stamina and resolve.
Mandy is a triathlete, soon to compete in her first Ironman. In honor of Celia. That our daughter would need someone to race on her behalf is not something we'd ever imagined. That Celia has inspired someone to race on her behalf is not surprising. That Mandy is the one, that she took the initiative to train and chose Celia to race on behalf of is no surprise at all. Mandy is amazing. She gets up at 3:00 am to ride her bike, and spends her weekends in the pool. For Celia. They're both inspirational, both beautiful, both... simply amazing.

We grew up with Mandy, went to school together, rode the band bus and had sleepovers, attended summer camp and worked at the pool, tailgated at OSU games and visited in NYC. We share lots of happy memories.
That's Jenni, front middle, in the mint green dress, and Mandy to her left, in purple, with several other good friends and a favorite teacher, at Gallia Academy's senior prom, 1996.

Mandy recently set up a website for Celia where you can find details about the July 26 Lake Placid race, and a link to Mandy's Trilife team.
We can't thank Mandy enough. And we are grateful that despite the years and the geographic distance Mandy is honoring our family in such a tremendous way, that our friendship endures.



Adam and Vicky said...

Absolutely amazing! Mandy's admiration for all of you is evident. Truly something to be grateful for!

The Wendels said...

Celia's touch knows no bounds.

JTECGroup said...

Thank you, Mandy -- makes me tired just thinking about all that you are doing!