Thomas and Friends

Or, Tucker and trains. Or Tummy time. Whatever you want to call this photo, it's cute. And quite frankly, our Little Tommy Tucker (as his great Uncle Danny calls him) is way more entertaining than that cartoon train Thomas...

So far, Uncle Danny (who's eighty-something, living in Palm Springs, adorable as ever) is the only one allowed to refer to Tucker by any sort of nickname. Andy is adamant that Tucker is his nickname, and that he doesn't need any others. I'm partial to Kentucky, but Andy thinks that's stupid. He abhors "Tucky". Lots of people have tried "Tuckster", although Andy insists that Tucker is cool enough, that two extra letters doesn't make it any cooler. But Uncle Danny has good taste. He's always been ahead of his time. And, Uncle Danny can get away with a good bit. Afterall, he carried a purse at his sister's wedding, back in the seventies. So if that's what Uncle Danny wants to call him, Little Tommy Tucker it is!



Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby(and Everett the 4th),
Careful, train/electric, conductor!

Last night, just before I took off my aluminum foil hat(really looks snazzy!) one of the many voices with whom I speak told me that it is about time for Thucker to have a PJGN(Poppy John Grandchild Nickname). As you know...they all get one! If Andy has any issues with this, he will be labeled a PJLF(Poppy John's Lunatic Fringe).

Adam and Vicky said...

Tucker is growing so fast! Such a strong boy! And you can't help but love his cuteness! Vanessa says "Choo choo train!"

And I'm sure Tucker will acquire more nicknames when in school. :) There's just something about the "ck" sound that makes others feel they need to come up with every possible twist to your name. I can relate. :)

The Wendels said...

Uncle Danny sounds like great fun and someone I'd love to meet!